Uncharted 4 Complete

I recently finished up my play-through of Uncharted 4 and really enjoyed it. The game was a fitting end to the series, although I assume it won’t be the last of the Naughty Dog narrative-driven action games.

Story was pretty solid. There were some pieces of the plot that felt a little weak, but the voice acting and dialog was top-notch. The cinematic experience, watching these characters, was really a treat. Lots of familiar faces from the past, along with new friends and foes. And the ending tied up a lot of loose ends still hanging around.

The gameplay mechanics were also pretty good. The familiar formula of puzzle, platforming, and action combat elements were split pretty evenly. I definitely liked the puzzles and climbing much more than the combat. Some of the difficulty in the combat seemed really punishing, and I was never good enough to try to pull off some of the things I needed to accomplish. Shooters on consoles are always a mixed bag. Maybe I should have given in and enabled snap auto-aim.

Visually, the game shines with its expansive environments and gorgeous detail. The character animations feel really good, very believable. You can feel Nathan Drake struggle across rocky outcroppings, reaching for a hold as he swings through mid-air. The best parts are just you directing Nathan around ancient ruins or wind-swept island cliffs, trying to find a way through.

It was a poignant end to a great series. Happy to have enjoyed its final chapter.