Return to Stardew Valley

Updates were released for Stardew Valley this week, and I was eager to return once again to its idyllic landscape. I have not been disappointed.


I managed to grow an enormous pumpkin! Probably a record-holder.

I decided to start a new farm, and the above picture shows my in the first year in the fall. I started on the new Hill map, a compromise between less area to build, but a small quarry within its confines. It’s a nice challenge and something different. Four other new maps come with the update.

Since I’m familiar with the game, this second play-through is going much more smoothly. I understand a lot of the key tricks, knowing which crops to plant when, where all the NPCs are located, which buildings to prioritize, etc. As a result, I’m making good process, and the community center is building back up.

I’m looking forward to some of the end-game additions the update brings. There is an additional house upgrade, and some higher-end buildings to sink your cash into. There are also some post-game quests to undertake.

The game is charming as ever, and such a nice place to visit and spend time. I appreciate the earnest sincerity and sweet nature of Stardew Valley, and can’t wait to see and do more!