Pokemon Sun Complete

Well, “complete” is almost certainly an incorrect term. I did finish the main storyline and become the new Alolan league Champion!

We’ve been having a ton of fun with the latest installment of the series. It released to nearly universal acclaim. A number of important changes help breath some new life into the long-running series, including changes to the badges/gym leaders (noteably, they don’t exist anymore), improvements to Hidden Moves (those also don’t exist anymore), a much improved user interface that lets you see more about status and move effectiveness, and actually a really engaging story. All of the changes, plus a new, gorgeous region to explore and funny, cool, cute, and epic Pokemon to catch, equals an experience that I’ve really enjoyed.

Now that the main story is complete, there’s still lots to do. More legendary and regular Pokemon to catch, the Battle Tree to tackle, and more story to uncover!

In January, even more will be available in the game, once the big update comes out to enable the Pokemon Bank! I’m looking forward to bringing over some of my old friends into the new game. And I may engage in a new Nuzlocke challenge in Pokemon Moon!