Pokemon Y Nuzlocke Challenge — Part 6

The team and I dusted ourselves off and carried on after the loss of Vlad. From Laverre City, we headed north into the Pokeball Factory, where Team Flare was doing some dastardly deeds. We sent those thugs packing, and were awarded a Master Ball for our troubles.

We then headed east from Laverre City, through Route 15. This route is covered in red and orange leaves, and here and there with leaf piles, in which hide items or even Pokemon trainers! We had a few battles, and then I wandered into some tall grass to catch our next team member. I stumbled upon a Skorupi, which come in handy later, and dubbed it Scorpio.

An area off of Route 15, hidden in a ruined building, is the Lost Hotel. Some punks have taken refuge here, and we battled a few of them in the dusty confines of this old waystop. The first wild Pokemon encounter we found was a Klefki, captured it, and called it Keymaster.

Route 15 ended at Dendemille Town, a small burg with some cool architecture. A majestic bridge lead north to an area called Frost Cavern. We healed up in the town and headed north.

In the Frost Cavern, we encountered a Jynx in a wild Pokemon battle. We captured her, naming her Lucky Lady. Afterwards, we chased more Team Flare members out of here, including a couple admins who were harassing an Abomasnow.

After we finished our business in Frost Cavern, off we headed back through Route 17. The area is nearly filled with snow, making passage on foot impossible. However, a helpful Mamoswine, now back on duty since we rescued its friend, the Abomasnow from Frost Cavern, offers to give us a ride.

Hopping on the Mamoswine’s back, the team and I wandered into the deep snow. We explored various tunnels through the snow where some items were hidden. In the midst of a snowbank, we encountered a wild Pokemon: a Sneasel! This is a great type, especially with the Psychic and Ice type using gym leaders that await us, so I was eager to catch it. And catch it we did, naming her Frieze.

We finished up with Route 17 and got to Anistar City, the location of the 7th gym. However, before we could challenge the gym leader, my rival showed up, itching for a battle. I beat her yet again, and she sulked off. Unimpeded, we headed into the gym. Sandigator was an excellent fighter throughout the gym, immune to the Psychic moves of many of the Pokemon here. Against the gym leader Olympia, Sandigator was especially good. Her Sigilyph was a bit of a problem, using Reflect to reduce the damage Sandigator’s moves applied, but consistently jamming Rock Tomb solved that problem. Sandigator’s super-effective Crunch was key against Meowstic and Slowking, and we finished Olympia and her gang off.

Our seventh gym badge in our pocket, we got a message from Lysandre, up to nefarious deeds, ending the world, etc. Off to Lumiose City to find the well-hidden lair of Team Flare. We headed inside to once and for all shut down Lysandre’s plans to end the world.

Many trainer battles ensued as we progressed through the lair. Impresario was very key here, as many of the Team Flare members have Dark types, which Fighting is super-effective against. We learn that the legendary Pokemon Yveltal is trapped inside the base, and it’s up to us to free it and turn off the weapon Lysandre and the rest of Team Flare is using to threaten the world.

Deep within the base, we finally made it to the system that is absorbing Yveltal’s power. We managed to defeat the gang of Team Flare minions defending the system. Then, it was time to face the legendary Pokemon: Yveltal. I weakened it with Icarus, but played kept him out too long. Yveltal felled Icarus with a strong Dark Pulse. Icarus was no more! I sent Flo out to finish the job. We finally captured Yveltal, but at the price of our friend Icarus. I named the legendary Endbringer.

After the capture, Lysandre showed up once again. This time, he was wielding the power of the Mega Ring. Endbringer again lived up to his name, knocking out Lysandre’s Mienshao. When he threw out Pyroar, I counted with Flo, knocking it out with a single Surf. Flo also finished Honchkrow. Finally, it was down to Lysandre’s last Pokemon: Mega Gyarados! I once again relied on Impresario, facing Lysandre’s mega-evolved Pokemon with one of my own. I decided to go with a single, all-out Close Combat, powered by Lucario’s mega evolution. Impresario knocked out Mega Gyarados with a single hit! Lysandre was defeated!