Pokemon Y Nuzlocke Challenge — Part 5

Coumarine City gym down, we headed out. Word is, there’s a disruption at the power plant that supplies energy to Lumiose City. That means the Eiffel Prism Tower is no longer shining! We better get to the bottom of this.

Route 13 is the site of the power plant, situated in some badlands. But there are still Pokemon here, digging underneath the ground. The first one to approach was a Dugtrio! I named them Hydra.

After battling one of the Team Flare grunts, we found their pass card and made our way into the power plant. After battling our way through more grunts, we found the Admin, and managed to get the power back on after defeating them. With the power restored, Prism Tower shone once again! And we learned that it is the gym of Lumiose City, home of Clement, a user of Electric-type Pokemon.

In the gym, both Hydra and Sandigator came in handy. Their immunity to Electric-type attacks kept them safe. But up against Clemont, with his Flying Emolga and Sturdy ability Magneton, I decided to fight Electric with Fire. Juan-Manuel made an appearance, and swept Clemont’s team aside, except for a few Hyper potion applications.

Finishing the gym, I chatted with several folks, including this Lysandre character, who seems a little spooky. But we moved on, and headed onto Route 14. This area itself is a bit darker, the weather and landscape damp. I walked into a swamp and got stuck! Took a few shakes of the movement button to get out. Before I was able to get close to a trainer I wanted to challenge, I was set upon a Pokemon. A Shelmet! With Juan-Manuel at the forefront, I used my weakest attack on the Shelmet, but it was too much for the frail monster, and I knocked it out in one shot! Too bad. That was my one shot for a Pokemon from this route.

Route 14 was short, even though it looped through the swamp a few times. After more random Pokemon battles than I would like to admit later, I made it to Laverre City, one of the smallest cities in the game. I checked around the few available places, and then headed into the gym.

I felt pretty prepared. Vlad, a Poison type with a strong Poison move in Venoshock, lead the way. I managed to sweep most trainers in the gym, and we made it to the leader, Valerie, in no time. She lead with Klefki, a problem for Vlad, as its dual Steel/Fairy type made it immune to Poison. We swapped out for Juan-Manuel, whose Fire attacks made short work of Klefki. Once Valerie swapped in Sylveon, I sent Vlad back into the fight. Sylveon has a pretty high Special Defense, matching up pretty well even against a STABed super-effective attack. But with a few hits, Sylveon went down. Finally, Valerie sent in Mr. Mime, a prime target for Vlad. Or so I thought. I managed a hit with Vlad, bringing Mr. Mime low, but then he unloaded on Vlad with a Psybeam, a super-effect hit on Vlad’s Poison type. I watched in horror as Vlad’s health dropped into the yellow, into the red, and finally hit 0. Vlad had been defeated! Enraged, I sent in Juan-Manuel to finish the job, and finish it he did, with a single Flamethrower blast.

Valerie was defeated, but the victory felt Pyrrhic. The Fairy Badge was ours, but Vlad was gone. The world would be a less rich place without that Crobat in our life.