Pokemon Y Nuzlocke Challenge — Part 4

Cyllage Gym defeated, off we go onto Route 10! A new route, a new Pokemon to capture. Who will it be? A Snubbull! A potential inclusion for later. Captured it, named it English, and moved on.

Lots of trainer battles, and some encounters with Team Flare once again. Those suits look so great on those fashionistas.

Several trainer battles later, we made it to Geohenge Town. Pretty quiet little place. Not much going on, so we headed on to Route 11.

This route is pretty short, with only a few trainer battles and scattered spots of grass before the cave. But it counts as a route! So we tried to catch a new monster. The first one that drew near was a Stunky! We made it ours and called him Pepe.

Onward we went into Reflection Cave, and yet another chance for a cool, new Pokemon. Took a little while of wandering around before anything showed its face, and what did I find but a Chingling! I caught that cute little thing, naming it Alarm.

Took a little while of wandering through Reflection Cave before we found our way out and into Shalour City. Once out of the cave, I sought out the gym, but learned the gym leader was not currently there. I took the team out to the Tower of Mastery to find the gym leader, and encountered all my friends there, along with the Mega Evolution Guru. I battled Serena, and won a close battle. Then I headed back after the gym leader, and headed into the gym.

With my two very strong Flying types, the trainers in the gym were no match for me. Vlad swept every Fighting type before him. Finally, we faced down Korrina. I lead with Champion, who knocked out in turn her Mienfoo, Machoke, and Howlucha. It was a bloodbath. I emerged victorious!

We headed back to the Tower of Mastery, and after a battle again with Korrina and her Lucarios, I had the Mega Ring. Now I could activate Mega Blastoise in battle, and hopefully soon, Mega Delphox, now that Juan-Manuel had evolved.

Our job in Shalour City complete, we headed out into the next area, Route 12! I ventured immediately into some tall grass, and was beset upon by a Miltank! In trying to catch it, I got hit hard by a two-turned delayed Bide, and nearly lost Champion! I swapped out to Flo, and then managed to capture the Miltank, and we named her Jersey.

Continuing across Route 12, we surfed across a small river, battled some trainers, and took a ride on the back of a Skiddo around the ranch! The Skiddo helped us find a few items stashed around different places inside the ranch. We traversed Route 12, and made our way to Coumarine City.

Coumarine City is unique in how it’s split up into two halves, linked by a monorail. The lower city is the port area, while the upper city, higher on the cliff, hosts the gym. I took the monorail, and met Professor Sycamore in the station.

Onwards to the gym. The owner of Coumarine City’s gym is Ramos, specialist of Grass-type Pokemon. Since my strongest Pokemon as Fire, Flying, Bug, and Poison types, I had a very easy time in this gym. Every move I used was super-effective, allowing Juan-Manuel, Vlad, and Champion to sweep each Pokemon before them. Even when I faced Ramos, it took only four moves to defeat his three level 30+ Pokemon.

With the Plant Badge in my hand, I was now able to use Fly to return to areas I’ve already visited, letting me bounce around the Kalos region at will. The world is my oyster as my team and I move on to the next challenge!