Pokemon Y Nuzlocke Challenge — Part 3

Wake up, sleepy Snorlax! I know how the soft, soothing sounds of a flute really wake me up out of a deep slumber. But wake him, it did, and after a battle, we caught the Snorlax and named him Strong Sad.

On we go to Route 7, past the Day Care and Battle Chateau. I’ll give both of those a pass for now. But now we have some yellow and purple flowers, so we have a chance to catch another team member! The first encounter in some purple flowers was a Ducklett. I sent out Athena in response, and with a few tackles, lowered the Ducklett’s health. A couple Pokeballs later, and it was ours! I named him Cascades.

I’m hoping we find a Zubat in the cave ahead! Zubat is always one of my favorites, and would be a solid replacement for our Farfetch’d. The place isn’t named Zubat Roost for nothing. I found one in short order, caught it in a Luxury ball in anticipation of our later Crobat, and named it Vlad.

Out of the cave and we were on Route 8. I immediately spotted an open patch of grass, and headed in! To my delight, I encountered a Bagon! I normally don’t use Dragon types in my playthroughs, as they take quite a bit of XP to level up. But I wasn’t letting this one go. A few gentle smacks and into a Pokeball it went. This Bagon was now know as Icarus.

After capturing Icarus, I continued down Route 8, high cliffs over the sea below. A few trainer battles later, I ended up in the next town, Ambrette Town, which didn’t have a ton to offer. No gym, but we did pick up some items, plus TM94, Rock Smash, that would come in handy at the next gym. Off we headed to Route 9!

Riding along on the Rhyhorn was fun. Smashed some rocks, and what appeared but a Sandile! Pickles the Bibarel took a few hits, whittled down the Sandile’s health, and we managed to catch it, naming it Sandigator.

Further on, and past a few trainer battles, was Glittering Cave. Random Pokemon encounters here are a little different, and instead of tall grass you encounter shady areas. I dove into the first one, finding a Machop! I sent out Champion to soak up some damage, and caught it. My Machop’s new name: JOHN CENA.

After adding JOHN CENA to my crew, I fought a bunch of Team Flare grunts. My team is a little overlevelled for the area, so they got beat pretty bad.

After the battles, I was off back up Route 9, into Ambrette Town, and then north on Route 8 to Cyllage City. Since I’d technically already caught Icarus on Route 8, I didn’t do any fishing, instead battling the trainers, and making my way to the next gym.

A short walk later, and I arrived with the team in Cyllage City. I encountered the gym leader, Grant, on my way in. He handed me a HM, Strength, and told me to come calling. I wasted no time heading in.

The first few trainers in the Rock gym used moves that caused confusion, much to my annoyance. It took longer than typical to get past them. After some confusion, I was at the final battle versus Grant. It was a tough fight. My level 28 Flo and level 24 Athena were both nearly knocked out against his Amaura and Tyrunt, but in the end, we prevailed. The Cliff Badge was mine!