Pokemon Y Nuzlocke Challenge — Part 2

Santalune gym went pretty smoothly, up until we battled Viola. Juan-Manuel, my Fennekin, was only level 13 going into it. Starting against Surskit was a grind, because my Fire-type moves were weakened by Water Sport. Then we battled against Vivillon, and Infestation nearly did us in. Juan-Manuel dropped to 3 hitpoints before I was able to use a potion. Very close one. But we got there in the end.

Before heading on to Route 4 and Paris Lumiose City, I took a detour down Route 22. I took on a couple trainer battles, and then found some tall grass, looking for another monster. First one up, Farfetch’d! Initially, I was kind of disappointed. I knew it was a base type with no evolution. But even with its mediocre stats, it is a flying type, good for later in the game, plus the moveset is real good. So, I caught Farfetch’d, and named him Entree. Welcome to the team!

After our new member’s acquisition, we did some training on Route 22. Pickles was only level 3! So we had some work to do. B. B. King grew up into his final form, Beedrill! Juan-Manuel metamorphosed into Braixen!

Training on Route 22 completed, we headed up to Route 4. Battled some trainers, and then into some flowers this time to find a new Pokemon. Another bug type showed up, Combee! We found a female, and managed to capture it, naming her Champion. At level 21, we’ll have a very strong Vespiqueen!

Many wild Pokemon and trainer battles ensued. Pickles is an indomitable tank. B. B. King has a unique style of applying Infestation, trying to poison the foe, and sitting back using Harden. Juan-Manuel learned Psybeam, and we’re going to tear up opposing Fighting types. Which just so happens to be the third gym!

We finally made it to Lumoise City, and said hello to Professor Sycamore. After a battle, he gifted us with a new starter! I picked Squirtle to try to fill in some coverage, and named her Flo.

We picked up a Gulpin on Route 5, named Disaster, made it to Camphrier Town, then on to Route 6, where we found a sweet Honedge we named Athena! Pretty good type coverage now. On Route 6 we had a very tough battle with a pair of Furfrou. Their Fur Coat ability halves all damage from physical attacks, so we broke out Juan-Manuel and Flo to do some special attack damage. Life totals got pretty low, and a timely super potion dug us out of trouble. We then headed to the Parfum Palace to get the Poke Flute that will allow us to proceed down Route 7 and wake up the lazy Snorlax that dozes on the bridge. After chasing some rich guy’s dog around the gardens for a little while, we saved the day. Whew! Pokemon is so much work.