SCG Legacy Classic Results

Got to play in the Legacy Classic at this past weekend’s StarCityGames events in Columbus. I wrote up a little tournament report!

Round 1 versus Eldrazi

Game one I keep a hand with lands, Goyf, and Abrupt Decay. My opponent opens on Eldrazi Temple and Mimic. He doesn’t have a second creature, but does find Umezawa’s Jitte. I Decay his Mimic, Waste one of his lands, follow up with Goyf and second Wasteland, and he isn’t able to recover.

Game two he gets a quicker start, making a 4/4 Endless One on turn 2. I get hit twice before I find Decay, and have to chump his follow-up Oblivion Sower with Shardless Agent, protecting my Liliana of the Veil, but the Shardless also hit Brainstorm, which allows me to find a second Liliana for his Olivion Sower. He follows up with two Dismember to wipe my board. He top-decks a few lands, I find Baleful Strix, but nothing else, and five turns more of top-decks, I fail to put it away before he finds Reality Smasher.

Game three I have a very disruptive start, with turn 1 Deathrite into turn 2 Liliana, killing his Mimic. I follow up with a Shardless Agent into Hymn to Tourach and Wasteland, and a second Wasteland puts the game out of reach, and I beat him to death with Baleful Strix and Shardless Agent.

Round 2 versus Eldrazi

Game one he curves out quickly, finding turn 1 Mimic, turn 2 Matter Reshaper, and turn 3 Reality Smasher, which I completely fail to Force of Will, even though I had it in hand with blue card, and I get bashed out, losing on turn 3.

Game two his two only two lands are Ancient Tomb, and he does two damage to himself to cast Mimic, which I Decay, and then four to cast Thought-Knot Seer, which gets my Garruk Relentless in hand the turn before I can cast it. However, my follow-up Tarmogoyf is bigger than his creatures, and he, at 11, has to hold back to block my Goyf as a second Goyf hits the table, and my bigger creatures take over.

Game three I draw a few too many lands, and my business spells, Maelstrom Pulse and Liliana of the Veil, are stolen courtesy of two Thought-Knot Seers. I have a serious board, but my Goyfs are only 3/4, so I double-block on Thought-Knot Seer to kill one, and he also has Matter Reshaper and Mimic to my Goyf and Deathrite. I find a Jitte and, with my choose not to attack with my 4/5 Goyf and Jitte, and he is able to activate Eye of Ugin and attack for lethal. I maybe should have attacked to get the counters on Jitte, but I thought I didn’t have enough mana to move the Jitte to my Deathrite, allowing me to block the Reality Smasher with a 5/6 Deathrite, but I still would have died to 7 damage off Matter Reshaper and Thought-Knot Seer, since I was at 3.

So a pretty serious punt in game one cost me the match. This player eventually would end up in third place at the end of the tournament.

Round 3 versus Death and Taxes

Game one he started off with Mother of Runes, and my troubles only began. I had Baleful Strix, but the Mom blanked my Goyf, and he found Stoneforge into Sword of Fire and Ice into Batterskull.

Game two I Decayed his turn 1 Mother of Runes, and then cast a turn 3 Engineered Plague on Human, followed up by turn 4 Garruk Relentless. My wolves took over the game, allowing me to punch through even though he had Rest in Peace to blank my Tarmogoyfs. Eventually he cast Mirran Crusader, but

April Legacy Results

Little report of my results for last night’s local Legacy event.

Round 1 versus Jund

Normally a pretty tough matchup, this was a serious grind-fest. Game one I started on Thoughtseize, catching an Abrupt Decay out of his hand to protect my Tarmogoyf. He also had Kolagahns Command and Punishing Fire, which got my turn 2 Deathrite Shaman, but my Ancestral Vision, suspended on the second turn, came off on the fifth turn as we were both playing off the top of our library, and I was able to kill his threat with a Liliana and land another Tarmogoyf to replace the one killed earlier, and ride those and a follow-up Sylvan Library to victory. He never found a Grove to go with his Punishing Fire.

Game two I got hit with Hymn to Tourach in turns 2 and 3, putting him way ahead, and he got there with random beaters.

In game three, we both played the attrition game, but I landed an early Sylvan Library, drawing two extra cards to put me way ahead. Highlight of this game was when we were both on an empty board in the middle of the game, he tried to make me discard my one card in hand and rebuy Dark Confidant with his Kolagahn’s Command, but I used the Surgical Extraction in my hand to exile all his Dark Confidants, breaking up his 2-for-1, letting my Sylvan Library dig for answers. I was able to kill his double Tarmogoyf with Maelstrom Pulse, found second card down with Sylvan Library, and then take over the game with Liliana, and he never found Punishing Fire to go with his double Grove of the Burnwillows.

Sylvan Library was a huge all-star this game. Very happy to have it in my main deck.

Round 2 versus Dredge

Luckily we have some main-deck interactions in the main deck, with Deathrite Shaman and counterspells on Careful Study/Faithless looting. Unluckily, I didn’t know he was playing Dredge, so I kept a great hand of two land, Goyf, Abrupt Decay, and double Shardless Agent. So I got beat down hard by Ichorids and many zombie friends.

Game two we both mulliganed to 5, and I see a hand that contains Baleful Strix and Umezawa’s Jitte, which might be enough to get there. Fortunately for me, my opponent only saw one dredger the entire game, which was too slow, as my Strix into Jitte was shortly joined by a 6/7 Tarmogoyf, and he wasn’t able to get things going in time.

Game three I had an opener with Deathrite Shaman, and he only found one dredger by the time Deathrite came online, so I won that game pretty handily, especially since I made a 6/7 Goyf on turn 3.

Round 3 versus Elves

Another pretty tough matchup. The little green men are explosive, and our spot removal isn’t at its best. Game one I keep an opener with Toxic Deluge, wiping his board of about six guys on turn 3, but he’s able to reload and hit me for 19 with only two creatures with a Craterhoof Behemoth and one other pumped guy for lethal damage.

Game two I get to bring in all kinds of hate, like Engineered Plague, Engineered Explosived, and some things that aren’t engineered, such as Pithing Needle, Damnation, and Umezawa’s Jitte. In the second game, I get a quicker start, with Deathrite on turn 1, a couple pieces of removal to get his early guys, and then land an Engineered Explosives with sunburst 1 and Pithing Needle to name Wirewood Symbiote, a key piece of his combo. A followup True-Name Nemesis shows up to start attacking past his team, and when he tries to Abrupt Decay my Pithing Needle, I bust the Engineered Explosives, setting him back to an empty board. True-Name Nemesis finishes him off.

Game three he has a very slow start, and my Thoughtseize reveals double Sylvan Library, Worldspine Wurm, land, and Glimpse of Nature. I take the Glimpse, figuring taking one Library won’t do much. He draws a couple extra cards off Sylvan, uses Green Sun’s Zenith to find Scavenging Ooze, but my third-turn play of Wasteland his Dryad Arbor, Disfigure his other Dryad Arbor, and Abrupt Decay on Scavenging Ooze sets him way back, and finding Umezawa’s Jitte on Baleful Strix let me keep his little guys off the board for a couple turns, letting me strike through with a big Tarmogoyf.

So some pretty tight games. Stars of the show were certainly Umezawa’s Jitte and Sylvan Library, really extending the interactions I am able to have with my opponent and letting me find the threats and answers I need. Again very happy with Toxic Deluge in the main board, even if I didn’t win the game against Elves where I cast it, it was great to buy me time. My single Gurmag Angler in the main was pretty good as well, only saw it one game, but it was a great threat.

I dropped one Wasteland and put back in a Creeping Tar Pit. Didn’t really do much work in any of the games. Might go back to Wasteland.

My current list:

Creatures (15)
4x Tarmogoyf
4x Deathrite Shaman
4x Shardless Agent
1x Gurmag Angler
2x Baleful Strix

Spells (22)
4x Brainstorm
4x Force of Will
4x Abrupt Decay
3x Ancestral Vision
1x Maelstrom Pulse
1x Sylvan Library
1x Toxic Deluge
2x Hymn to Tourach
2x Thoughtseize

Planeswalkers (3)
1x Jace, the Mind Sculptor
2x Liliana of the Veil

Lands (20)
1x Creeping Tar Pit
3x Misty Rainforest
3x Polluted Delta
3x Verdant Catacombs
1x Forest
1x Swamp
3x Underground Sea
2x Bayou
1x Tropical Island
2x Wasteland

1x Duress
1x Damnation
2x Pithing Needle
1x Umezawa’s Jitte
1x Engineered Explosives
1x Engineered Plague
2x Disfigure
2x Golgari Charm
2x Surgical Extraction
1x Nihil Spellbomb
1x True-Name Nemesis