Cities: Skylines

The Steam Summer Sale is upon us, and I haven’t been able to resist its siren song. One of the games on my wishlist, Cities: Skylines, was on sale for a decent discount, so I decided to pick it up. And I’m glad that I did.

The city-builder genre has only a couple serious players at this point in time, with Maxis’ SimCity being released within the last year, and now Cities. I passed on the SimCity reboot after some middling reviews, but was happy to see a newer entrant in the series. Cities has had previous incarnations, the In Motion edition being the most recent release. But with Skylines, the series has reached new heights, and may very well be the best city-builder I’ve ever played.

First of all, the game looks and sounds gorgeous. The design aesthetic borrows a little from the EA Sims series, but looks more realistic while still having a bit of a cartoon feel. Everything is bright and colorful, with a great deal of contrast, so vehicles and buildings really stick out from the roads and terrain. It’s all