MM2 Draftings!

Obviously I opened a Tarmogoyf in my prize pool. Well, I didn’t open it, exactly. It’s kind of a funny story.


I’d been following the spoiler early, but not the entire set, so it was a bit hard starting to draft. I opened a Fulminator Mage, and started getting passed some red bombs like Banefire and Skarrgen Firebird, and had some great white and artifact cards to go with it, so I build a basic R/W metalcraft deck. My other bomb was Indomitable Archangel, plus quality removal like Burst Lightning, Sunlance, Arrest, and Oblivion Ring. Had some other fliers and Rusted Relic, which was a champ for me.

IMAG0888 IMAG0889

First round I crushed a three-color deck that struggled to get started on mana. My life total never dropped from 20 either game.

Second round I played against a basic green/white tokens deck, taking the first game easily. The second game he had some beaters out and alpha-striked me to take me down to 4, hoping to get me the next turn, but I took him from 15 to 0 exactly when I hit back, turning on my Rusted Relic with Frogmite and beating with other dudes for 11, and Banefire for 4 to do 15 exactsies.

Third round I play against my sometimes Legacy nemesis Walt, who always plays stupid Dark Depths decks that I can’t deal with. He drafted a mono-blue artifact and fliers deck, and had a really quick start. He drops threat after threat, and I struggle to stabilize, although I have a Blinding Souleater, Arrest, O-ring in my hand, since I’m short on mana. I finally neutralize all his threats at 2 life, and I climb back into the game, since I draw a second Blinding Souleater, and win that game. Second game I get a much better start, and we trade hits back and forth but he draws too many lands, and I get there.

Prize for my winning round was entry into the last draft of the night, so I decide to play another one, since everyone in my draft wanted to go again.

I open a Battlegrace Angel, pick a few decent white removal spells, and then start getting passed a bunch of great black spirits, so I move into the B/W arcane spirits deck.


I end up with triple Thief of Hope, a couple of the black pump changelings that count as spirits, two Plagued Rusalka, and some other decent stuff to synergize, including two Death Denied, that proved key in a couple matches, allowing me to reload after an attrition war.

IMAG0891 IMAG0893

First round, first game, my opponent gets pretty screwed on lands, only casts a couple spells, and I win that one easily. Game two, same thing happens to me, only I get way too many lands and not enough business spells (9 lands, 4 spells) and get run over. Game three was pretty close, as although I had a Thief of Hope and Battlegrace Angel, he could have blocked my Battlegrace Angel with a Puppeteer Clique and used Mutagenic Growth, but used the wrong spell a turn earlier. I win that game.

Round two was a crazy grindy affair with an opponent with a green/black saproling/eldrazi spawn deck, whose highlight was Necrogenesis, that really cut me off of using Death Denied and made a bunch of blockers. He got game one pretty handily. Game two I was able to exploit Thief of Hope, and come back from an early deficit with some removal to stall the game out and gain some life, blocking his 11/11 Algae Gharial in time for me to cast a flier and swing in the air for the win. Game three was a little more lopsided, as I once again had Thief of Hopes online, but had Kami of Ancient Law for his Necrogenesis before it could get crazy. Battlegrace Angel showed up to finish him off.

Round three was against a pretty powerful green/white deck that was able to power out kicked Kavu Primearchs that were tough to deal with, and Scatter the Seeds for blocking. Game one was pretty grindy, but he got me in the end with not one but two kicked 7/7 Kavu Primearchs. Game two was very close, as he was able to beat me down early with a few 2/2s, scatter the seeds saprolings, and a Conclave Phalanx. I was able to stabilize, and made up the difference with Battlegrace Angel and Hikari, Twilight Guardian both on the table at the same time. I was at 2 life when I stabilized, and ended at 17. Game three was a beating, as I made some aggressive blocks to two-for-one myself to kill his threats, but was able to rebuy three of my creatures with Death Denied and get back on top. I ended the last game at 20 life.

Before the game, my last opponent and I said that we would split the three packs and play for the last one. The guy I beat in the finals, who regularly crushes me at legacy, had said that earlier in the day he’d gotten a Goyf out of a pack, so in the middle of the match I handed him my prize pack and told him to put a Goyf in it for me. Out of respect, he rubbed the pack on his ass “for luck” and surprise surprise, we got a Goyf out of it. Pretty hilarious, I was pumped.

So, for my initial entry fee of $32.25, I got a Fulminator Mage, a Tarmogoyf, and a bunch of bulk rares. Those bulk rares were pretty solid in draft though!

While this is a fun draft environment, I’m not a huge fan of the set overall. The mythics and rares are working at cross purposes to making a fun limited environment. You either get something that is completely crap but works great in your deck, or it’s brilliant and is awful in limited. And the common quality is all over the place. Not only that, but the cards actually feel pretty bag. They aren’t the normal printing process, and they’re glossier and feel kind of fakey. Plus I got some that are poorly inked and dinged up (thankfully not the Goyf or Fullminator Mage), but it’s kind of a bummer for some people. Pretty happy I’m not busting boxes of this stuff!