Shadow of Mordor Complete

I guess I wasn’t that far away from the end of the story missions the last time I posted about Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. I put the game down for a while, but after I picked it back up there were only two more story missions to go until the end.

The ending missions were little more than a formality, but a reasonably satisfying end to a so-so story. As I mentioned before, the story really isn’t the strength of the game, and I’ve been having more fun completing side missions and manipulating the nemesis system.

I was able to do a couple missions where I assisted my dominated captains and war chiefs in challenges to their positions. By doing so, I was able to level them up, and gain additional experience and points myself. The missions are a fun distraction, especially when you have a dog in the fight in the form of your dominated orc.

Again, I loved my time with Shadow of Mordor, and plan to go back for more to enjoy additional battles in Mordor.