Infamous: Second Son Complete

Had to create a new category for this one! My lovely wife and darling son got me a PS4 and Infamous: Second Son for Father’s Day, and I’ve been enjoying it in between METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE (YES IT IS IN ALL CAPS) and Tropico 5. I finished the main story missions last night, and it was a satisfying end to a pretty solid set of campaign missions.

Infamous: Second Son follows a formula similar to the first two games, which I very much enjoyed. As Delsin Rowe, you find yourself in Seattle, trying to gain the ability to help your family recover from an attack by the super-power police, the D.U.P. The open-world, district-conquering portion still applies, packed with a variety of missions and collectibles that when found or completed decrease the control that the special police organization has over that given area. Reduce the control enough, and you prompt a showdown with that group. Win that encounter, and you remove their forces from the district forever. Clearing them out, collecting the blast shards, and doing side missions is very fun, and there are just enough that make it feel worthy, without being a chore. You can clear out a district in about 30 minutes of gameplay.
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