How I’ve Beaten Myself at Magic Lately

I’ve been having some pretty awful luck playing Magic lately. Of course, it isn’t really luck. Even if the reason things happen aren’t known to you doesn’t mean it’s random. I like to think that I’ve at least grown enough as a person to admit my own mistakes and not blame other people for my failures.

Ultimately, I realized I’ve been beating myself a lot of the time at Magic. I keep trying to improve, to play the best game I can. I even keep notes during games so I can go back and review some of my play errors. Here are a few from the recent past.

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Taking Gran Turismo 6 Out for a Drive

I’ve been having a lot of fun playing Gran Turismo 6 recently. Gran Turismo 5 was pretty great, but a few things like a clunky menu system and severe load times made the experience a little painful. However, with the new entry, a new menu system, quick load times, a whole host of new cars and tracks, as well as an improved tutorial and race series events really breathe life into the franchise.

Thankfully, the excellent technical elements remain. The game looks, sounds, and feels gorgeous. Excellent and realistic controls typify the series, and here they are better than ever. Every car feels unique, the peppy hot hatchbacks, overpowered muscle cars, all wheel drive rally cars, and million-dollar super-cars all give a different sensation with you at the wheel, and all are fun in their own ways. The karts and stripped down track cars are also a delight, different than the traditional road cars.

I’m about halfway through all the license tests and available events, but that’s only doing them one time each. The options and complexity of events increase as you open up events, some very specific to certain cars, and some allowing any under a certain power threshold. I’ve had a lot of fun with some of the most random events, like the European Hot Hatchback races where I took a Volkswagon Scirocco around the streets of London and Rome.

Most events have relatively high allowances for the game’s performance rating system of power points. You can cheat a little bit in events however by taking cars that are a little overpowered with a higher power point rating and more easily complete a racing, but I think that’s really cheating yourself. I like to take cars that are much more reasonable so I have a bit of a challenge, and only if I’m unable to complete an event do I go back to the performance shop to get some upgrades. Plus, a little bit of parts replacement goes a long way, so you don’t need much if you feel your given car is underpowered.

Other than the numerous updates that have kept me playing as much as I want online, having to wait for both system and game updates to finish before I could log in, I don’t have a whole lot to complain about. It is unfortunate that you can’t sell or trade cars (especially since I got a duplicate Scirocco right after I purchased the other one!), but it’s a minor quibble. Gran Turismo 6 is the best game in one of my favorite series of all time.