Thoughts on X Rebirth

I’ve had the chance to play a little bit of X Rebirth over the last few days, and it’s been interesting to see how Egosoft has adapted the game’s mechanics and interface from the X3 games that I highly enjoyed. There are some big changes. Some good, some not very good.

First, the good. The action combat and controls in the game are superb. It is an absolute joy to fly around, to fight, to explore the world that Egosoft has created. There is so much going on, you can always find something to look at and something to shoot. The controls are smooth, very responsive mouse and keyboard direction, and the flight assists like automatic leveling out and speed boosts mean you go where you want to go when you want at any time.

The game also looks and sounds great. A new graphics engine and a various amount of ships, stations, asteroids, and backgrounds