Story Time: My Legacy Bad Beats

I’ve had the chance to play a bit of Legacy over the last week. Last Thursday I played in an event a Fog of Dusk, a newer shop in Columbus that I have been going to with greater frequency. There’s a good, growing crowd there, and they allow unlimited proxies in their Thursday and Sunday night events, so you always get to see interesting decks and it’s a little less serious, which I appreciate.

I was playing RUG Delver on Thursday. The first round I played against a Goblins deck, and got uncommonly lucky. He had a slow start and I had burn and Stifle of all things for his Goblin Ringleader. I won the first match, and in the second I saw all of my sideboard cards: Grim Lavamancer, Pyroclasm, and Rough//Tumble. Plus he was stuck on lands early and I countered his Aether Vial.

Just Cause 2

The summer wallet scourge, aka the Steam Summer Getaway Sale, is upon us, emptying our bank accounts and filling our games library. I had resisted temptation until stumbling across Just Cause 2 for the low, low price of $2.49. I’d had my eye on it for some time. I tried the free demo and got a laugh out of it, so for less than half the price of a burrito, I was sold.

I’ve played a good eight hours of the game at this point and it’s certainly been worth the purchase. There’s a load of content here, but it’s somewhat of a mixed bag. The developers have created a massive open world in which to play. It’s a shame that some of the things to do in it are pretty boring. Mainly you just blow things up. There’s a never-ending stream of gas tanks, gas pumps, gas refineries, and other non-petrochemical objects to destroy. That gets a little tiresome. But given that it’s the main way of advancing the story and unlocking new items, you kind of have to do it. A lot.

Then there’s actually the problem of traversing this massive environment. It’s really fun when you find a great car or an aircraft like the fighter jet I just stole from a military base and go zooming around the country. It’s less fun when you get shot down in the middle of the jungle and you have to either hoof it out or spend some money to have a vehicle dropped for you or pay for extraction to an area.

The story missions have been fun. There’s the usual blowing more things up, but the stronghold missions, in which you help one of the criminal gangs on the island nation take over a military base are pretty fun. However, having done four or five of those missions, they’re all pretty much the same, too. You go in, they can’t get past the gate, you have to jump over the gate to open and let the rebels in, then there are snipers that you have to take out, and then a vehicle of some kind, and then a mounted gun, and finally you have to defend the position you just took. They were all like this. I expect the rest will all be like this, too. Cool that you bust into some place with a gang of buddies and cause a ruckus, but it gets a little old.

I’ve seen some harsh physics bugs as well. The game is a playground, so occasionally there will be some accidents. I got stuck behind a mission start object, so that I couldn’t get out and had to reload a save. I paused the game and came back to my jet flipping upside down and exploding. Reloaded a save. I’ve been tossed in vehicles and wedged in places it wouldn’t let me out. Guess what, save reloaded.

Complaints aside, if you’re looking for a game to just run around and shoot and explode things, this is the one for you. It’s an open world to explore and collect things and shoot things and explode them, and if you enjoy that, or just enjoy a little bit of it, Just Cause 2 is worth a pick up.