Bioshock Infinite First Impressions

Wow this game is creepy. There’s a ton of atmosphere, not all nasty, in fact, the opening sequence is charming, bright, and beautiful. It goes downhill pretty fast though. You happen along lots of terrible things that seem to have happened right before you walked in the door.

Violence in combat abounds. You start out jabbing a sharp object into someone’s face for crap’s sake. Lots of other awful things happen, from people committing suicide by bashing themselves in the head to burning to death.

That said, the combat is actually pretty fun. I do not miss the lack of a cover system. Combat flows well, and you use all sorts of buildings, pillars, and boxes as cover. You stand behind something, you are in cover. No clever button presses required.

The few weapons and powers (called Vigors) I’ve come across are also fun to use. I’m glad they keep the number small in the beginning, just a nice pistol and submachine gun, plus three interesting powers. It makes for a nice mix but doesn’t get too confusing.

However, the best part of the game, what really has me hooked, is the story. Your character is clearly not a good guy, and what you are doing is not good in any way, at least that I can see. At least there you aren’t running into the moral complexity of your hero killing hordes of people. DeWitt is not a nice person, and he is not a hero.

However, the imbroglio that he has found himself in is fascinating. This alternate-history America is full of flavor, and the events that are taking place are already interesting. There are hints of time travel, secessionism, racism, and religion all bubbling to the surface, mixing in a hot steamy story of power and control. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Paper Mario Sticker Star Complete

I finished up the story mode of Paper Mario Sticker Star earlier this week. I had a ton of fun with the game, as I mentioned previously. Some of the later levels were pretty challenging and required some puzzling out. I was a little disappointed how some of the levels and boss fights required some very specific stickers to complete, or at least complete in a reasonable time. Without some key stickers used at the right time, some boss fights were really tough, especially the last fight with Bowser. It took me a couple tries, but I finally finished it! Still it was a good run, time well spent.