Assassin’s Creed 3: Extended Tutorial Edition

I don’t know if I got some version of Assassin’s Creed 3 that was labelled “For players who have never played a video game ever” but wow if this tutorial section isn’t long. I’ve been playing this game for a couple weeks and just last night left the tutorial. It’s been eight hours. I feel like I’ve spent more time in cutscenes or loading screens than in actual gameplay. *facepalm*

So far, the game’s pretty boring. Because it’s in dumb tutorial mode, there’s not a lot of the open world elements yet available, and you’re led around by the nose in incredibly narrow story missions. I was particularly frustrated by one mission where you just have to go quietly to some location, but my stupid NPC companion couldn’t follow. I snuck into a courtyard without being seen, but then I had to kill a bunch of guards to let him in. Bleh.

However, now that the game is opening up, I’m looking forward to checking out more of the game. There seem to be a huge number of areas available if the teasing on the fast-travel map is any indication. I was also really taken with the naval missions, one of the last examples in the Extended Tutorial (TM). You captain a boat on the Atlantic, fighting off enemy frigates and conducting trade. It’s really exciting, just the right mix of simulation and action.

There is also the ability to kind of build up your own settlement. There are missions in the world where you can recruit craftsmen and settlers to come to your homestead and help you fix up the place. I liked this kind of thing in AC2, and it looks like fun here.

I’ve also really liked the open-world travel, especially running around in treetops. It’s an incredible feeling to pick a path through the branches, running up to cliffs and dashing through the canopy.

Hopefully now that the tutorial is over, the action can begin!