L.A. Noire Complete

Before I left for my second out-of-town trip this summer (whew), I managed to finish up the story campaign within L.A. Noire.

Diablo III to have auction house, forbid mods, and require constant internet connection

Well, interesting news today on Diablo III. Blizzard has apparently decided that they’ll never be able to stop people from selling items for actual cash, so they’ve made it part of the game now. There will be a player-driven auction house where you can buy and sell items for real money. And important detail was hiding in the article I read, which stated that the players will see NEARLY all the money. In otherwords, Blizzard gets a cut of every item sold through the auction house. Interesting. What is less interesting is that mods are strictly out, and like AC2 and various other Ubisoft games, Diablo III will require a constant internet connection to play and boot you out when you lose it. That’s going to go over less well with pretty much everyone. The PCGamer posting on facebook announcing the changes has become a “I’m not buying this game anymore” thread. I don’t think it will affect me, or for that matter the vast majority of people who intended to buy it, but it certainly will piss off quite a few people who (let’s be honest) were probably just going to pirate the game anyway. Blizzard might be onto something with the auction house…. like my father has often suggested of marijuana… fighting it isn’t doing any good, so let’s legalize it and tax it to high heavens. Those who don’t want to buy items don’t have to. I probably wouldn’t buy items… but I know I certainly might sell some if I could get some cash out of it!