DCS: A-10 available at Direct2Drive

DCS: A-10, a game I’ve been eying for quite a while now, is available at Direct2Drive. That’s not a huge deal really, as it has been available through the developer’s site for a month or so now. What is a big deal is that it’s eligible for a 20% discount until Monday with D2Ds current coupon code. With A-10 joining the ranks of recent games that feel they should charge the same $10 premium that consoles do, that’s a $12 savings. I don’t really have much time to play games right now, but I’m not sure the game will come down in price anytime soon. So the question is… to buy or not to buy. If any of you have time and money and enjoy the badass A-10, then perhaps you would like to pick this up. To get the discount (which is also valid on almost any game D2D sells)