It’s Just What I Asked For

In my last post about GT5, I’d talked about some of the issues with the game that bothered me, including the lack of races that set limitations on the car and its upgrade, saying:

In a level playing field, it was driver skill, not car power, that governed winners and losers.

I’d also complained that the used car dealership was hard to use, and it was very hard to find certain cars to use in races.

Was It Worth The Wait?


I should qualify that with a few caveats.

Now that I’ve spent a good two weeks with the game, I can say that there are a lot of things to love about Gran Turismo 5, and a few things that, while I don’t hate, don’t make me happy.

The core experience of the game, driving a huge and varied selection of cars from the last seventy years, is unsurpassed.