Full Sail University Ads

Ever catch those Full Sail University ads on the TV or your favorite site? They seem to be running on penny-arcade.com right now if you haven’t.

Anyway, Have you ever really taken a look at the character models they use to promote the game? It’s like an 8 year old commanded some poor 2nd year student to build a model, calling out features to sculpt in. There may have also been a cattle prod involved.

“He should have a gun for a hand. NO BIGGER! BIGGER!”

“Now, give him a power cell in his chest like Iron Man, but make it green!”

“He needs to have a gasmask like in Killzone! My mom won’t let me have it, but I’ll show her! AND GREEN GLOWY EYES!!!!”

Now, add a helmet, apply a liberal amount of rust, bloom lighting and bump mapping, then chuck that baby in the ad rotation.

They need a better, more truthful tagline.

“Full Sail: You’ll make Iron Man knockoffs in Maya all day.”
“Full Sail: We’ll show you where the glow filters are.”
“Full Sail: We must feed the bloodmachine called EA.”

Sins of The Gathering Civilization: Total War

That’s my name for Elemental: War of Magic because that’s essentially what it is; the UI of Sins of a Solar Empire and the world of Magic: The Gathering crammed into the love-child of Civilization and Empire: Total War. I read a preview and an elaborate add in the latest PC Gamer and it sounds like this game could be very interesting, fusing the good features of these 3 PC games with a fantasy Magic-like setting. You build your kingdom, you go on quests, your ruler has a family that grows, etc. This one is worth a look I think, and I’ll be getting the demo when it comes out in September.

Why Madden 11 is the last iteration you’ll ever want.

The Madden franchise has always been a part of defining me as a gamer. Not necessarily as a great player of it, but it’s always been there year after year; showcasing the power of the current systems and the state of the design styles of the time. I have fond memories of getting my ass handed to me in my neighbor’s basement, doing round robin games with the rest of the kids from the neighborhood on a busted Genesis that may or may not have been hot, using controllers caked with cheetos powder, dried soda and sweat. I’ve watched as the series continued to innovate and dominate the scene (well, excluding the Dreamcast days when the 2K series soundly beat out Madden). I remember seeing Madden running on the PS2 for the first time and saying out loud “That looks REAL!” – in retrospect, it didn’t… but it was the best we had. Admit it, you said the same thing back then.

It was with these fond memories and with the preseason heating up that I picked up Madden 11, full of wide eyes and the nostalgia of crisp fall afternoons spent inside yelling with the rest of the neighborhood kids at the TV after we got done throwing a Nerf football around in the rocky lot on the other side of the street.

The thing is, times change. A lot of times, for the worse.
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New Infamous2 Look

New trailer for Infamous 2 marks a return to old form, as the old Cole is back at the forefront. Responding to criticism from fans, Sucker Punch brought our old buddy back, which isn’t quite as exciting to me as destroying entire city blocks worth of bad guys in slow motion. So cool. See below.