Dear SupCom2… we need to talk.

Hey there Supreme Commander 2. How’s it going? Good. Look, we need to talk. We’ve been together… what… a month? We’ve honestly been getting along pretty well, but our relationship isn’t going to progress unless I clear the air about something that’s grating on my nerves.

What we’re doing here… this is called RTS. Real-time Strategy. What’s the matter? You look confused. Well, there lies the source of the problem. Yes, the S in RTS stands for Strategy – not Speed. Now I’ll give you credit… you’re certainly more up for some good defense and “turtling” than a lot of RTSes these days; don’t think it’s going unnoticed or that it is unappreciated. It’s part of what I love about you. Still, every time I finish a mission and you give me 0-2 stars for the amount of time I took to dispatch the enemy, I just feel like you’re out of touch. My overall rating is a 4…. you obviously recognized that I dispatched hordes of enemy units with as little loss as possible to my own side, as you gave me 5 stars in combat. Likewise in Research you commend me for doing a great job. In fact I seem to have done everything right… except that I didn’t do it fast enough for your liking. Gathering intel, creating a plan, amassing forces, and then executing the strike is what strategy is all about. That’s who I am… it’s how I roll. So you’re just going to have to deal with it.

PC Gaming is Not Dead

Civilization V will be incredible, and highlights the capabilities and complexities of games that you just can’t get anywhere else. Following up on the entire Civilization series, and fitting in with the school of deep strategy games I’ve long been a fan of such as Sins of a Solar Empire, SimCity, Total War, and Company of Heroes, Civilization V promises to be the most full-featured strategy video game ever made. All that and a development team who plans to support and engage the community to get much more out of the game than what’s in the box. Long live PC gaming. View more from the Civ V trailer below:

New Looks at Lost In Shadow

Continuing Kotaku’s infatuation with Lost in Shadow, they have some more comments in this post after a E3 playthough. I think the game looks like a lot of fun, and adds to the impressive stable of titles Nintendo is releasing in the next twelve months. Nothing wrong with shooters (Crysis 2 and Goldeneye, I’m looking at you), but sometimes the most violence I’d like to see is Kirby eating enemies made of cloth or Donkey Kong going ape-wild. Yes, I made a pun.