StarCraft II: Let’s Ignore How People Play Our Games

I think Blizzard has some serious server myopic. Perhaps they’ve concentrated on World of Warcraft too long. Maybe someone got hit on the head. I dunno.

There has to be some explanation for why StarCraft II won’t support LAN play. No LAN play? Well I guess I won’t play it at my LANs, or at all! Blizzard, that’s a terrible idea. Until we get 100Mbps fiber to our house, getting a dozen people together behind one cable ISP and playing on just isn’t gonna work out.

Sacktue of Liberty

Looks like Media Molecule is releasing another freebie costume, this time to celebrate our country’s Independence Day. The Sacktue of Liberty costume will be released on July 2nd. It follows the Druid costume released in celebration of the summer solstice a week ago. Go grab both of the costumes while you can, because they’re both available only for a limited time!

Does A Bear Crap In The Woods?

I think we all assumed that World of Warcraft held up development of StarCraft II. But in a recent article from Eurogamer, Blizzard’s Vice President of Game Design confirmed that the work on World of Warcraft consumed the time and resources of StarCraft II.

I was surprised to read that there has been a playable version of StarCraft II for four years now. I did see a playable version at GenCon 2007, so it’s not that much of a total mindblow. But they’ve been sitting on it for a while, taking their sweet time.

You can hardly blame Blizzard for it, though. They make upwards of a hundred and fifty million (or more) dollars every month on World of Warcraft just in subscription fees, not counting the games that are purchased and registered. I wonder why Blizzard bothers making any other games, let alone two sequels.

Boardgames in the Basement

Paintball, it must be said, was a blast, even though I have more than my share of bruises from shots and soreness from the running around.

Afterwards, the party was fun but a little subdued, at least as far as our parties go. There was still plenty of shouting over one another as we played a couple rowdy boardgames. Cory was good enough to bring his copy of Settlers of Catan over to the post-paintball party this weekend, so we had to play. The ladies (and Alex) tried their hand at Redneck Life while the guys played Settlers.

I’d never played Settlers, but of course having heard of it I’d really wanted to try it out. It definitely didn’t disappoint. We had a big five-player game, and it was really fun. Cory showed us the ropes and having had some experience with the game he won, but it wasn’t a blowout by any means. Both Greg and I were pretty close on his heels, and everyone who played got pretty far along. Except Mike, he got pretty screwed on resources.

Anyway, I’ve really got the bug now. I know there’s an electronic version on XBLA, but not be a 360 owner I can’t really get in with that. I’d get a paper copy, but it’s hard enough to get people together for D&D let alone other activities. Guess the rarer sessions will just have to be all the more fun!

Starbase Beats in Sins

Entrenchment is fun. I just finished up a multi-day game with eight players in a 2v2v2v2 arrangement. Pictures below of an epic battle against an offending starbase. It was no match for my long-range torpedo boats with front-line escorts.

Above: Kol Battleship and escorts draw the installation’s attention. Below: Incoming! Torpedo salvo, see it in scale with the light ship (Cobalt Frigate) to the left.

Above: The Kol flagship blasts the starbase while the Dunov Battlecruiser supports as a torpedo salvo explodes. Below: The starbase erupts in the flames of defeat.

Oh There You Are!

We were just talking about it, and finally it arrives, popping up on the taskbar: the Demigod 1.1 patch. I haven’t played the game for a couple weeks but with this update I’m ready to dive back in. Updates include balance changes, the Concede feature, and new AI enhancements that should prove to make comp stomp matches a little more competitive. Update away!

Little bit more to add, here’s the developer pre-announce for the v1.1 update. Haven’t seen the actual announce.

Bowser Remade

Normally we think of Bowser as a barely credible threat, a comic figure who is constantly stymied by Mario and Co. at every turn. While Mario and Peach can always be cute and soft, Bowser’s art design typically straddles the line between silly and barely menacing. The Paper Mario series did little to bolster Bowser’s standing, painting him in comic 2D and illustrating him as bumbling at best.

However, Bowser’s portrayal in Super Smash Brothers Brawl allows Bowser to get a little pride back. In normal guise, he’s a hulking, threatening beast, but when he gets a Smash Ball, well… See for yourself.


It feels good to smash Peach and Mario as a great, powerful, hulking beast once again.

War in Spaaaaaace

Yeah I’m playing Sins of a Solar Empire again. I got the Entrenchment DLC a while ago, but hadn’t had a chance to do much with it. But I’ve since played a couple really big games and really used the starbases and newer units to great advantage. I especially like the long-range installation bombardier vessels, like the Advent Solanus Adjucator. The new upgrades makes for even sexier screens:

Above you can see the Deliverance Engine in action. Below just a shot of my fleet hanging out on a border world, letting my culture do the talking as the enemy lost their worlds because I managed to sway their population to my way of thinking.