High Praise for inFamous

Wierd spelling aside, inFamous seems to be everything it was cracked up to be. Every review I’ve read of the game has been glowing.

ArsTechnica says “There is something about inFamous that’s decidedly adult and satisfying, and not in the “OMG BOOBIES” way. This is a what-if story about a city with no hope and a man who has been taken out of his life to do something about it. An absolute must-buy.”

1up states “Sucker Punch has created a finely-crafted mashup of superheroes, Sly Cooper, open-world gameplay, morality, and lightning in InFamous.”

Gamespot sums it up: “Incredible freedom of movement, intense combat, and an enthralling story make Infamous an impressive open-world action game.”

I’ve kind of gotten a lot of games lately, but this one is probably another one I’d like to pick up. I love the appeal of a game where you are in the midst of a crisis and have the ability to restore life to a nearly lost city. Sounds like a blast!

Early Punch-Out!! Reviews

“So, yeah. Not only is Punch Out!! worth the 50 bucks, but lands on a very short list of Wii games I feel that way about. Even better, while Punch Out!! makes for an entertaining enough solitary experience, the back-seat driving aspect makes it positively shine as a party game. There’s nothing quite like having a few friends over, passing the controller around, shouting advice, and just generally bonding over some hilarious, bloodless violence.”

Double the Fun in Vloxen

Zoldark the Unholy is always an enjoyable punching bag. Can you feel bad about laying waste to zombie masters? But this dungeon run was especially fun because Zoldark was one of the Zaishen Bounties, so besides the reward from the dungeon, we also got the reward from the Zaishen. Nice!

Meet the Spy Video

Another Meet The… video, this time “leaked” overnight by the feature of the film. Quite a bit of violence in the video, but that’s to be expected.


Sniper and Spy Updates for Team Fortress 2

Development continues on TF2, now like eighty years after it’s been released. I’d be upset if I bought it on PS3 or 360.

But for us PC players, the sniper and spy are getting class updates, following the updates for medic, heavy, pyro, and scout classes. Pretty soon they’ll actually have done all the classes, and they’ll have to move on to another game or something.

Sniper and spy details can be viewed here.