More on Katamari Forever

Kotaku has a bunch of information regarding the upcoming Katamari Forever. I talked about this a month ago, and now new information has come out. They have a ton more screens and more information about game features, and it just looks great. It’s essentially a Katamari Damacy redux, with the levels from the original game along with new levels, and remixed music. Only in 1080p, booyah! Exactly what I was looking for. Release is scheduled for this fall, but I’m not sure if that’s a worldwide release or only Japan? Here’s hoping US folks can get their trip on this year.

Battlefield Heroes

At long last, the beta has finally gone live. Gamespot is giving keys out, and I had to grab one just to try it.

The install was one of the strangest I’ve ever seen. You have to install through a web browser, and actually create your character through the web-based interface. Finally you can launch the game.

The game is cute but dated, obviously designed so that it’s quick to download and runs on any system. Very cartoon-y look. When it first came around a year ago, I was worried it was too close to Team Fortress 2 territory, but it’s more like a old-school DoS shooter in the Wolfenstein style. With the game sitting still, it looks strangely like a circa 1992 point and click adventure game in the style of The Dig.

Sounds are competant, good engine and gun noises, love the kitchy music. The animations are funny, amusing how my soldier plays his shotgun like a guitar or nervously looks around his environment.

I like that ammo just regenerates over time, you don’t have to mess with trying to find ammo around the map. You just get in there and go. Everything in the game is this way, very quick to just play.

Obviously lost the first match I joined. But it looks like you can gain experience and level up, although since it’s the beta who knows if it will stick.

The thing about the game may be the gulf between free and paying customers. If you can buy upgrades and level faster or whatever, there’s a real advantage there. But, nothing to get that worked up about. It’s free after all!

Demigod Rampage

Played a couple matches of Demigod last night, and a couple more a few nights ago. Along with the dozens of matches that went on at the LAN party a week ago, and Demigod has taken the forefront in my gaming lately. And it’s a freaking blast.

First of all, the game plays great. It’s an easy action game, taking queues from Diablo II and Warcraft III. The avatars themselves are all a treat to pilot around the boards, stomping and oozing their way through creeps and enemy players. Items, leveling, and picking a specific skillset, which we’ve started calling builds, allow you to customize your character, making each match different, depending on how you equip and level your budding deity.

Then the game just looks and sounds great. Visibly the game is a treat, perfectly rendered demigods and smaller minions. The animations are also great, from the swipes of the Unclean Beast, to the slams of the Rook, to the undulations of the Queen of Thorns. The music is suitable and epic, evoking a cinematic feel, and the weapon and fight sounds are solid. My one complaint here is the overly cheesy and really poorly done voicework on Regulus. I go out of my way to not play the character, it’s so bad.

The multiplayer has gotten some bad reviews, and I have also had a bad experience with it. But I’m willing to forgive, because I actually have a group of friends I prefer to play with, so we just find each other through the Custom Game option, and never have a problem connecting. Over a LAN it’s also amazing.
Demigod has proven to be a lot of fun, and exactly the easy to get into action game we were looking for.

Gaming Deluge

It’s crazy just how many games I’ve been into lately, and not bothered to write a word about any of them.