The NOD Redeemer

I had played around with the NOD Redeemer a little bit and wow does it pack quite a punch. I think it’s even tougher than the MARV, although it may not hit quite as hard as the MARV does. The Redeemer has only two infantry upgrade slots where the MARV has four, but the Rage Generator goes a long way towards getting the job done.

Got a little video below of a Redeemer rampage. Doesn’t quite show everything that the Redeemer is capable of, but it’s a nice test.

Buggle Bubbles

Buggle Bubbles is a new Flash game from Mart, Heather, and Greg. It’s a cute little game, one they put together for a development contest. I have to say, the art and music are very good. I was really impressed by all the art objects and backgrounds in the game, they look great and feel very fun. Try it out and see what you think!

Kane’s Wrath Campaign

I’ve started to dive into the campaign of Kane’s Wrath. It tells the missing pieces of the C&C3 story, what happened in the events leading up to that game’s campaign, as well as those events that weren’t covered in detail throughout the main story. Presumably, it will move into what happened after the Scrin, that much-maligned third faction, arrived on planet Earth. So far, the story is great and the cinematic video sequences do not disappoint. Joe Kucan still puts on a good show.

Two Bowsers Done Right

Greg and I were doing some team matches versus random opponents in SSBB yesterday evening. We both picked Bowser and we were pitted against two very small opponents: Link and Olimar. Wow, it was a beating.

One hilarious moment. Previously I had grabbed ahold of Olimar while Greg breathed fire on the poor guy. Sensing an opening where I would either distract or grab Link as he flew back onto the stage from a prior smash, Greg attempted to smash pre-emptively. It worked like a charm.

Here I (as the lighter green Bowser) go to grab Link, with Greg already winding up.

Link is in my grasp just as Greg follows through with the smash and…


You can also see Olimar winking out into the background as Link flies off. Cracked me up.


There’s been a lot of talk lately regarding the phenominom of microtransactions. Defined loosely, microtransactions in the video game world are those small dollar purchases that add minor amounts of content to video games. Many people label microtransactions as bad, and a dangerous creep towards making players shell out their hard-earned cash for game elements that should already be included within the launch title.

The recent furor is over additional weapons for the upcoming EA title Battlefield: Bad Company. EA notes a total of ten additional weapons, aside from the core set in the basic game, will be available for purchase; five will be included with the premium game, and five as individual offers through different promotional venues — likely like preorders, much as Guild Wars did at launch. Each of these weapons then would be available for purchase, using cash money on XBox Live, after the game launches for those who don’t have access to them.

Many have decried this as a slippery slope. People have stated that this is only the beginning of the end, for soon we’ll see armor pieces for sale in WoW — much like the Horse Armor fiasco from Bethesda as part of the Oblivion setting — additional guns, mechs, spells, whatever. You won’t be able to play that game competitively, they say, unless you sink real cash money into it! Those with the most money can buy their way to the top!

I’m sorry; how’s that different than the real world?

EA is greedy? Of course they are! They’re a corporation. Corporations exist to make money. Additional content, however broken, useless, or unbalanced, represents additional risk on the part of the company, and they expect to recoup their investment. And yet they’re still the biggest game publisher on the planet.

For all the anger and arm waving surrounding the issue, I predict the same thing as always happens. People will buy the game, many will cheerily buy the additional content, and everyone will be happy. Many already pay just to plug their game consoles in to play online (XBox Live). And you love it. Why is this additional content such an insult?

Don’t you remember playing online for free — besides your ISP fees? I do. I do it all the time with my PC and my Wii and my DS.


Man, this thing is big. It slices, it dices, it packs a huge punch. The MARV can do it all and is the center of any battle. With an engineer or two onboard, its survivability is also impressive. A quick video demonstration below.

NOD does’t stand a chance.


Greg and I were doing a little team melee last night. We turned up the difficulty a little bit to 6 out of 9 on the CPU opponents, and I’m ashamed to say they gave us a run for our money. I broke out Ganondorf and started to choke the crap out of opponents.

Ganondorf’s Flame Choke special move grabs an opponent…

And slams him down. While Falco (Greg) kicks him.

Luigi meets the same fate.

Sins of a Solar Empire — Ships in the Night

Midway through a game of Sins of a Solar Empire, I’m about to launch an attack on an enemy faction who shares a star system with me. I’ve assembled a fleet of a quartet of capital ships and a balanced accompanying fleet consisting of robotics cruisers for repair duty, Krosov planetary bombardment frigates, along with anti-fighter and long-range missle frigates for support. I have a decent idea of where the enemy homeworld is, and I send my fleet out to feel them out.

Unfortunately, so do they.

The two fleets pass on the way to one another’s space, and the scene is set for conflict.

I quickly build up another force at the volcanic world I departed from in order to meet the enemy force and hopefully redirect them back towards my main force. It works, and they bail out.

I then manage to hop two more planets towards their homeworld and set up another colony to trap their main force. I set up phase lane inhibitors to slow down their retreat if they attempt to bounce back again and summon additional reinforcing gauss guns and frigates.

They don’t get away this time.

I wipe out their force to the last ship while losing only a handful of frigates. What the video doesn’t show is me taking the fight to their homeworld, now nearly lacking in protection aside from a single capital ship and a handful of defensive emplacements. With this world gone, I will have the sole presence in this star system and can then take the fight beyond.